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About us

We aim to contribute to better public health.

The story

Since the year 2000, there has been a dedicated research effort on anthocyanins at Hanabryggene in Sandnes, Rogaland. Here at MedPalett, we have developed an innovative production process that gently preserves the delicate anthocyanins from wild bilberries and blackcurrants. These have been the subject of clinical studies at both university hospitals and universities – nationally and internationally.

From day one, we have had a primary goal with our anthocyanins: We want to contribute to better public health.

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MedPalett’s employees in Sandnes, Norway

The history, research, and the future
MedPalett’s history dates back to 1998 when we received a visit from Professor Øyvind M. Andersen from the University of Bergen. Professor Andersen led a research team that had explored over 5000 substances from the plant kingdom, with a primary focus on their potential health benefits. During this research, he found that a group of molecules stood out from the rest: Anthocyanins. These are natural pigments found in bilberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, and strawberries, among others, and are responsible for giving the berries their characteristic blue, purple, and red colors.

Together with researchers from the University of Bergen, Biolink Group, led by entrepreneur Sjur Svaboe, decided to continue the research on anthocyanins – with the aim of developing a commercial consumer health product.

Already the following year, we managed to extract and concentrate the anthocyanins into a capsule. Our main focus was to preserve – and enhance – the anthocyanins throughout the entire process. We succeeded in doing so.

In 2016, MedPalett was acquired by the renowned Life Science company Evonik Nutrition & Care. Under the nutraceuticals category, Evonik has an ambitious initiative underway for the global distribution of anthocyanins.

For over two decades, our anthocyanins have been researched in a variety of independent, scientific, clinical studies. Over 25 of these have resulted in intriguing findings published in international, reputable nutrition and medical journals.

And even better – new research is ongoing continuously. This will further strengthen our knowledge base, and we look forward to what lies ahead.

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The founder, Sjur Svaboe

Optimal cultivation conditions in the north and south
The berries used in Healthberry® are supplied by reputable vendors – and we at MedPalett are proud members of the ‘Nätverket Bär’ in Sweden. The bilberries are sourced from northern Sweden, where they grow freely in the Swedish forests.

As for the blackcurrants, we used to be able to use Norwegian berries in our production. However, in recent years, due to increasing demand, we have received blackcurrants from New Zealand. The natural sunlight and optimal growing conditions allow us to ensure high-quality blackcurrants for our products, all year round.

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