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Add pure power from the nature

We supply anthocyanin-rich powder extract made from wild bilberries and blackcurrants.


Powerful antioxidants from nature – transformed from fresh berries into highly concentrated extract for further processing.

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Eirik Carlsen, Head of Production

Raw power – in various ways

Create products that set a new standard for quality and innovation.

Energy/protein bars

Food powder

Coated straws


Effervescent tablets



Our production

We have developed a innovative production process that gently preserves the delicate anthocyanins from wild bilberries and blackcurrants. From day one, we have had a primary goal with our anthocyanins. The goal is to contribute to better public health.

Independent research studies

For over two decades, our anthocyanins have been researched in a variety of independent, scientific, clinical studies. Over 25 of these have resulted in intriguing findings published in international, reputable nutrition and medical journals.

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From nature.
Supported by science.

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MedPalett supplies Healthberry® as a raw material to companies producing products containing Healthberry®.

MedPalett does not endorse specific claims about the use of these finished products. Each manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the claims made about their products and their use comply with regulatory requirements in the regions where they market their products.